Sacrifice Nothing to Access

The Fastest Premium Prescription Eyewear on the Planet!

The Only Thing We Won’t Deliver is a Compromise.

Tired of making tradeoffs when you need new eyewear? Now you can get the premium prescription eyewear you need, at the speed and pace your life demands. No caveats, no disclaimers. Get it all, without a compromise. That’s the future of eyewear. And, it’s all right here.

Look for the QSpex logo at a participating eye care provider near you.

Finished Eyewear in Hours. Not Days or Weeks.

We craft your eyewear in community-based optical service centers, utilizing a revolutionary new technology. That way, we can deliver your finished eyewear on the same day your prescription is provided.

Same Day Personalized Delivery
to Wherever You Are

You don’t have time to hang around or make multiple trips to your eye care provider. You don’t want to wait days or weeks to receive your eyewear. Now you don’t have to. On the same day you receive your prescription you can collect your finished eyewear delivered directly to you, wherever you are – retail store, work or home.

Note: Service area restrictions apply.

Community-Based with Global Support

We’re part of your community and many other communities across the nation and globe. That’s how we can deliver eyewear so quickly. It’s also how we can deliver unmatched personalized support. Why settle on waiting for some obscure factory, when you can get the best eyewear made right in your own neighborhood?

Premium Eyewear and Service, Without the Premium Price

You deserve premium quality and service at a reasonable price. Even if you have a complex prescription like progressives or need glare-free protection, photochromic lenses or polarized sun wear.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. No Questions Asked.

You want results, not questions. QSpex offers an exclusive “No Questions Asked” Consumer Guarantee with every finished eyewear purchase.

Note: Some limitations apply.